Sister Style







On La:  Shirt & jeans– GROWop (vintage) / Hush Puppies–thrifted / necklaces–Tiffany & Jess’s jewelry box / sunglasses– KapSoul (vintage)

On Jess: Shirt– H&M / pants– American Apparel / wedges– Target

I’ve been living with Jess + Kev for the last month and am here through the end of June, hence the lack of posts.  It’s too weird writing to your sister when she’s sitting across the room from you…

So for now we’re starting a Sister Style series.    Who know how long it’ll stick.

We’re all about fits and starts over here.


This Big Series No. 2

7 months yesterday.



Favorite book: Blue Hat, Green Hat

The day starts at: 6:45a

Loves to eat: squash and apples and grass and avocado and dirt and dog hair

Biggest accomplishment: the pull-up

Oops: accidentally perfected the head-bang

Best thing about my days: exploring!






Got my camera in the mail yesterday.  The photos are great, but the camera itself…eek. It’s bigger than my head! I guess you weren’t kidding when you said it was “fugly.”

Weird that this modern-day instant camera is bigger than its 1990s predecessor…

Regardless, we should get a lot of use out of it! Just maybe not in public.

Monday, Monday


6:30a- “Babababa.” Roughly translated: “Wake up now before this sh*t gets real.”

12:00p- No, it did not take me 5.5 hours to finally get ready. This is after story time at the library, followed by a picnic at the park. She ACTUALLY fell asleep in the car on the way home, WITHOUT crying. Then she ACTUALLY stayed asleep for 2 HOURS.*

3:30p- My hair was reverting back to it’s original 6:30a look; it needed to go up. Post nap, I was feeling ambitious, so we went to Target and Michaels for craft supplies. A really cute denim romper, that happened to be Hazel’s size,  jumped into my shopping cart while we were browsing the kids section at Target. It told me it needed a forever home, so I adopted it.

9:15p- Don’t let this picture fool you. The pj’s were on before 9 o’clock. There was an incident with a diaper sprayer that involved obtuse angles and foul trajectories. I had to change my pants.

And that’s how it usually looks on Monday. Minus the lipstick. I added that for dramatic effect.



*I had to wear her for the 2 hours. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Early birds

morph Collage

As you can see, Colin and I aren’t exactly morning people.  Colin has to set a bajillion alarms in the morning in order to wake up, of which I immediately turn off, and groggily elbow him awake.  It doesn’t help that Beels has now begun scratching at the bedroom door in the middle of the night to tank up at the water bowl.  [I vaguely recall Colin asking Beels last night to “die already” as he opened the door to let her out; sometimes we’re very much ready for Z to kick the bucket.]

You would think an average of ten hours of sleep a night would (at least for me) leave you feeling refreshed in the morning, but you’d be wrong.  Mornings lately have felt like waking up after a long night of drinking.  Maybe it’s the weird hours I’m working this month, or the allergy exacerbations, or the menstrual cycle welcoming parade.  Or maybe it’s just Beels and her senile antics.

Couch series no. 2





Remember when Dad used to joke about our butts being glued to the couch during those long, hot summer days where we’d watch TV for hours on end?  Well, these two are certainly channeling our younger selves sans television.  I believe Mabes left her post once today to hydrate while Z has yet to move.  Don’t worry your little self, though.  Her heart is still beating.

Re: Chums

Delay your depression and save it for school, because I have solved your Polaroid woes! Ditch the Polaroid and invest in a Fujifilm INSTAX 210. As seen here: Snap!

It’s a little different from the iconic Polaroid camera but hear me out; the pros and cons are as follows:

-it’s not discontinued

-it’s fugly

And if that didn’t convince you, I have a side by side comparison.

Two pics

Left: Fujifilm; Right: I shouldn’t have to tell you, but just in case, Polaroid.

Let me know if I can solve any more of your problems.

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Colin and I have been taking self portraits via expired Polaroid film at the conclusion of our date nights (or days… see bike jaunt photo) for a handful of months now.  This is our sad little collection thus far, and not because we’re inconsistent but because we rarely go on dates these days.

I’ve gone through one roll of film and have one more to go, which is pretty saddening as Polaroid film no longer exists.

Or so I thought.  See exhibits A and B.

A couple of disappointing features of the new-and-not-so-improved versions of the Polaroid camera are that (1) the model that uses the same Polaroid film we know and love is $250 [ouch] and comes with an LCD screen so that you can view your images before choosing to print them–which kind of defeats the beauty of the Polaroid camera, if you ask me–and (2) the model that “surprises” you with the image prints tiny business card-size images and looks like a toy camera you might buy for your kid at Toys R Us.  It’s also $70.

Looks like I’ll soon be mourning the last of my expired Polaroid film after all…


This Big series

6 months today.


Favorite book: Noodle Loves to Cuddle

The day starts at: 6:30a

Loves to eat: cafe con leche (minus the cafe)

Biggest accomplishment: army crawl

Oops: bulldozed by Pearl (twice)

Best thing about my days: watching the ceiling fan



Cashier/Mailman/Waitress: “Are you two twins?”


Us: (smile) “No.”

C/M/W: “Wow. You look a lot alike.”

Us: (nod) “We get that a lot.”

C/M/W: “Who’s older?”


Me: “I am.”

C/M/W: “Really?”

Me: “I’m 5 years older.”

Ellana: “She likes to tell people that.”

C/M/W: “Do you have other sisters?”

Us: “Yes, but she doesn’t look like us.”


C/M/W: “Huh. Weird.”

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